About Us: Hui Nalu Wahine
About Us: Traditional Koa Canoe - Hui Nalu
About Hui Nalu: Men's race

About Hui Nalu

Vision: To come together as a family who shares and cares

Mission: To promote and provide educational and personal achievement opportunities which
 strengthen family, community and individual relationships by:

  • Providing ocean-oriented education programs special to Hawaii
  • Providing other sport activities, programs and opportunities
  • Providing community improvement and educational programs
  • Preserving Hawaiian traditions as they relate to the ocean, family and community
  • Supporting club members to achieve their athletic potential
  • Nurturing club spirit and personal pride

Each member:

  • Commits to Hui Nalu’s vision and mission
  • Supports and respects other members of the club and community
  • Is given opportunities to work and learn with family and friends while contributing to the Hui Nalu
  • Participates in educational programs
  • Is given the opportunity to make a difference in personal performance, community relations and in the 
health of our ocean
  • Will abide by the Hui Nalu Code of Conduct

Photo credits: (left) ©Diana Kim; (middle) ©Susan Robinson; (right) ©Diana Kim

Beliefs: Our actions are guided by traditional Hawaiian values that produce the safe, healthy
 and productive places in which we live:

ohana: family
pono: just and hopeful
oiaio: sincere and truthful
hookipa: hospitable
haahaa: humble
malama: caring
ao: learning and teaching
haaheo: pride
lokomaikai: generosity
mana: spiritual strength
kokua: assisting each other
lokahi: harmony, unity
holomua: progressing
kokikiu: striving
wiwooie: courageous
imiike: seeing knowledge
laulima: cooperation